zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Stamp on Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa Launched in New Delhi

Stamp on Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa Launched in New Delhi

By: Sikh24 Editors 
NEW DELHI (May 3, 2013)– The IT Minister of India launched a stamp commemorating the 176 Martyrdom Anniversary of Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa, a famous Sikh General who sacrificed his life on the battlegrounds of Jamroud.  The ceremony was held in India International Centre in Delhi organized by Hari Singh Nalwa Foundation Trust in association with Punjab Academy.

At the age of 10, S. Hari Singh Nalwa was initiated into the Khalsa Panth.  At a young age, he mastered the skill of horsemanship and martial arts.  He had many banis memorized during his teens.  In year 1804, S. Hari Singh was given the title of "Sardar" (Chief) and was placed to command 800 men comprising both sowars (cavalry) and piyade (infantry). S. Hari Singh became 'Nalwa' after he killed an encroaching tiger single-handed on horseback.

S. Hari Singh Nalwa was responsible for expanding the Sikh Empire to beyond the Indus River right up to the Khyber Pass (Afghanistan area).  He served as governor of Kashmir, Peshawar and Hazara. He established a mint on behalf of the Sikh Empire to facilitate revenue collection in Kashmir and Peshawar.

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