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ITFAK – Unity of Kaum by Bhai Vir Singh Jee

The following essay was was written by Bhai Sahib Vir Singh Jee in the April 4, 1905 edition of Khalsa Samachar.

Once in a country, people were so estranged that killing and looting was at peak. A wise person looking at the situation of his country men was very worried and fearful. Many suggestions were put forward for unity but all went vain. This wise man came up with a great logic and he tried to explain to his people. On hearing wise man's logical concept, people realized their mistake and fire of cruelty vanished and peace and love was seen everywhere. That logic, which united people of this country, might help Khalsa Kaum to attain healthy and lovable relationship between the KAUM. The logic is as follows: One day parts of the body; hands, feet, nose, mouth, eyes and ears said (discussed) that we all do the work for body but the stomach does nothing and sits idle and eats all our earning, for nothing. They decided that why not we just boycott with the stomach and make him learn the lesson? All the body parts stopped working and the poor stomach has nothing much to say and kept silence and patience.

But, see what happened slowly and slowly? All the body parts started turning weak, feet had no power to walk, hands had no strength to work, ears had no strength to listen and eyes had no strength to see. In this way when all of the body parts were in a very difficult situation then a wise men approached them and said, "YOU FOOLS!, all of your lives and strength reside in working together and if you all keep on doing this, you all will die soon. The stomach, with which you have boycotted by blaming that it does not work at all and just sit idle, is not true. Stomach provided all of you, with the strength through your hard work and labor". All the body parts realized their mistake and understood the concept of working together and live in unity and love. This resulted in body being stronger again. Similarly KAUM is like a body in which all the parts have to work together in love and remain united and doing so a KAUM remains alive. A KAUM dies, when small parts of a KAUM splits and separate from each other. So dear friends, you all are parts of KHALSA, love each other and keep unity, throw away barriers of HOMAY.

One important thing to understand is that, do we have tried to rise above these groups and fractions and come closer as a KAUM? If we think deeply then we see that in the KAUM there are many wise people who understand and try to implement this concept, but the fire of obstruction still burns. This fire can only be extinguished by the KAUM itself, because the KAUM is not putting up the fire now. The selfish people think of being profitable by dividing KAUM, hence they always plan different devious ways to kill the unity of Sikh KAUM. Some one has beautifully said that, "CHORAY CHANDAN RATH NA BAVAEE" (Thieves do not like full moon night). It is very important for a KAUM to get alert and realize that whoever talks and smells like a non-unity; is the real killer of KAUM. It is important that we live like brothers and leave our selfish aside and work for the CHARDI-KALA of the KAUM by getting alert from these selfish people (intruders).

Khalsa jee, learn now; do not love and embrace people who speak and think about non-unity. Look at your history Khalsa jee; you were always drowned (harmed) by non-unity. You had conquered Delhi Takat once and Jasa Singh was declared as king of Delhi thorn. No one had guts to snatch Delhi Takat from you, nor Nawab, nor Marathas, nor Pathans, nor Rajputs; but your internal division (FUT), your disease of putting your own needs ahead of KAUM needs, "I should be the one" thinking, destroyed you and your image. Missles were ruined due to internal division, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Raj was gone in seconds due to internal division among ourselves. Khalsa jee, we have been beaten badly by this division (FUT), but still we don't leave it aside. Like a cricket game batsman is surrounded by many players and all these players surrounding the batsman are making all the efforts to fail the batsman, but the only support for batsman is his BAT. Similarly you are also surrounded by the enemies, ready to kill you. Only BAT of KAUMI love can save you and if you don't trust KAUMI BAT and throw it away then you will definitely be bowled out by your enemies. Please come together! Love each other and put KAUMI needs ahead of your needs. Come and live like brothers and work together, come together and leave thoughts of non-unity and division aside, don't loose under pressure of non-unity supporters.

Don't believe the GHOSTS of non-unity.

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